Top 10 exercises to do at home

10 exercises to do at home

We have prepared a list of activities to exercises to do at home without using equipment. Check out!

Remember to organize a pre-workout diet , maintain your posture so as not to harm your muscles, and wear suitable clothing for exercise.

Ready? Come on!

Top 10 exercises to do at home

1. Squat

Squatting is an exercise that will help you get firmer and more defined buttocks, but it can also bring other benefits such as defining your belly , increasing muscle mass in your thighs and reducing cellulite.


Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. With your back always straight, bend your knee with your butt back as if you were sitting in a chair. Return to the starting position, standing up and repeat the movement 12 times for three to four sets.

2. Plank

This exercise is perfect for strengthening the core region, that is, the muscles of the abdomen, lower back and hips. He still helps improve posture, reduce injury risks and develop better performance in other sports.


Lie on the floor on your stomach, supporting yourself on your forearms, they need to be parallel and equally apart from your shoulders. Keep your palm down. Raise your hips and align your body, keeping your abs tight and your weight on your toes and forearms.

3. lunge

This is another exercise that helps define your thighs and buttocks, but it’s a little more intense than the squat. It is perfect for those looking to define the lower part of the body and sports practitioners such as running, football and basketball, as it helps to strengthen feathers and prevent injuries.

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Stand up and step forward with only one leg so that, when you bend your knees, your back leg forms a 90º angle. Bend the knee of the front leg and lower it until the knee of the back leg almost touches the floor. Return to the starting position without fully extending the body position so as not to take the tension out of the muscles. Repeat at least 12 times with each leg for a minimum of two sets.

4. Jump rope

Yes, the famous child’s play brings benefits to the body, and there are many. Jumping rope improves physical conditioning, burns calories, promotes a sense of well-being, collaborates with the development of motor coordination and balance, improves cardio respiratory capacity and much more.


With a rope in your hands, leave your feet aligned and jump to go over the rope when it is close to your feet. Initially, jump for one minute and rest for one minute.

5. Jumping jack

The jumping jack helps in physical and cardiovascular conditioning , burns calories and improves motor coordination. It’s great as a warm-up before starting heavier workouts.


Standing with your arms by your sides, perform a small jump moving your hands as if you were going to clap your hands above your head while spreading your legs out to the side. He returns to the starting position and repeats the movement in three sets of 15.

6. Stationary gait

Stationary jogging is another very good warm-up exercise, but it also has its benefits. She helps burn calories and collaborates with the definition of the abdomen, legs and butt.


To do this exercise, just simulate a race without moving. Five sets of three minutes each are indicated.

7. Abs

Sit-ups are already a very popular activity due to their benefits, the main one being the long-awaited flat stomach. This exercise also improves breathing, posture, strength, balance and prevents back problems.


Lie with your back on the floor, bend your knees and turn them upwards with your feet firmly on the floor. With the strength of the abdomen, raise the upper part of the body until your chest is close to your knees, without the need to lean. Repeat the movement 15 times in three sets.

8. Flexion

Flexion, combined with a protein-rich diet , provides very high muscle mass gain, in addition to strength mainly in the triceps and pectorals, improves posture, has a high energy expenditure and helps to create resistance to perform more powerful movements, working various muscle groups.


Lying on your stomach, place your hands flat on the floor a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms by lifting your body weight and come back down just by bending your arms. Repeat 20 times for three sets.

9. burpee

The burpee is a more advanced exercise that has all the benefits in one. It works the pectorals, shoulders, triceps, quadriceps, glutes, calves and abdomen, because, in its execution, it uses three types of exercises to do at home.


Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees in a squat. Then, lie down on the floor, supporting your body weight on your hands in a push-up position. Return and do a jump with your hands extended above your head. Try to repeat the movement for at least three minutes.

10. Dance

Dancing is also a physical activity. And, in addition to helping to lose weight and maintain conditioning, it fights stress, controls anxiety, increases self-esteem, improves blood capacity, flexibility, balance and muscle toning.


Choose your favorite style of music and move your body to the beat. Aim to dance for at least 30 minutes to have physical as well as psychological effects.

Those who believe that physical exercises to do at home during the difficult time we are going through are wrong, it is perfect only for those who were already active before the quarantine.

Exercises to do at home is an opportunity to get out of the sedentary lifestyle , improve your physique, self-esteem and have a mental stimulus that helps you deal in a better way with the situation you are going through.

All the activities listed can be done as a family, just fit them in the ideal way for each individual, move the furniture a little bit, put on some nice music and start practicing. In addition to being great for health and well-being, it will be fun.

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