10 Tips to Burn Belly Fat

Burn Belly Fat easily

By the way, this is no reason for criticism. On the contrary: our vital organs are located right in this region and it is very important to have a low percentage of fat there. It’s a health issue.

And, being a matter of health, we need to inform you that there are no miracles or magic formulas, as it is necessary to adapt the lifestyle as a whole, especially with a focus on diet and regular physical activity.

But, even though there is no miracle, it is possible to accelerate the process of weight loss and abdominal composition and we have separated 10 tips, divided into two blocks, as we have already said: diet and physical activity.

Focus on health and let’s bite the belly?

How to burn belly fat

Many people’s dream is part of a routine with healthy habits, such as a balanced diet and regular physical activity, which can – and should, in this case – be focused on this region of the body.

Some exercises to burn abdominal fat are super easy to perform and, we dare say, they are already part of your training routine.

As for foods that burn abdominal fat, the story is a little different, considering that no single food has that power. But a balanced diet, which includes the tips below, will certainly help.

Cut the sugar

You don’t have to – and shouldn’t – stop eating fruits and other naturally sweet foods, but it’s extremely important to cut sugar from your diet.

Super-industrialized foods usually contain large amounts of this ingredient, as it acts as a preservative. In this way, be careful even with the labels of supposedly healthy foods, such as cereal bars.

Decrease the amount of alcohol

Drinking alcohol frequently is one of the main reasons for a not-so-flat abdomen, as alcoholic beverages contain a lot of so-called “empty” calories.

Save the drinks for holidays, and even then, try to focus on just one or two glasses. Stress reduction is one of the most commonly cited reasons for glasses of wine or pints of beer in everyday life, but consider other ways to relieve it.

Stress and anxiety reduction

Speaking of stress, cortisol is a hormone released, in these cases, by your body and it is responsible for fat gain.

In addition, anxiety can lead to unbridled food consumption, with a special focus on sugar, fat and salt (especially if we consider the ease of ultra-processed foods).

Any physical activity (including the ones we suggest later on), meditation and therapy are other non-food “tools” that will help reduce stress and avoid eating bad foods, at times when you are not hungry, just to falsely quell anxiety.

High protein diet

Increasing protein consumption helps the body burn fat, as they release a hormone called PYY, which sends a message to your brain, indicating satiety.

It is important to highlight that not all carbohydrates are villains, as the body needs them for energy in basic day-to-day activities. Opt for natural ones, replacing white rice, for example, with a potato.

To know the adequate amounts for your needs, it is important to consult a nutrologist or nutritionist .

The color of good fats

Just like not all carbohydrates are villains, not all fat. With fats, the subject is also repeated, that is, they are also essential for human health.

That’s why we can classify the fat we have in our body as: white, brown and visceral. Visceral, when in excess, is extremely harmful to the vital organs, but in low amounts it is not all bad.

White fat is the one that is soft, and it is what we want to eliminate from our abdomen. Brown is the most important and even helps with weight loss.

To activate it, it is important to consume foods with omega-3 (found in fish and nuts, for example) and to exercise regularly to activate this fat, which, according to studies, helps burn white fat.

Sleep well

A good night’s sleep can do better for your health than you might think: by providing your body with adequate rest during sleep, you allow your body to replenish hormone levels, essential for healthy body functioning.

Therefore, sleeping very little may not be as interesting as they say out there, because, once the hormones are not regulated, the increase in fat in the belly area can happen more easily.

Resistance exercises

Remember we talked about brown fat, which helps break down white fat in our body?

Scholars discovered that this good fat, present in thinner people, can be stimulated through resistance exercises, those in which we shake, such as the abdominal plank, considered an excellent exercise to burn belly fat .

And do you know why this happens? It’s just that when we stay in the plank position, for example, we start to shake and the brown fat, which has the function of keeping our body warm, understands that we are in a cold situation.

And then the whole thing happens: when released, to warm us from the cold, it burns the white fat.


Another excellent activity is bodybuilding, with the aim of increasing lean mass (muscles). That’s because the muscles start to grow, occupying (and burning) the fat site.

In addition, as we mentioned in the previous item, the feeling of “trembling” is important to stimulate our brown fat and bodybuilding training often does this.

However, be careful to enlist the help of a professional, as there is a risk of injury, especially if you are a beginner in the sport.

Vitamin D

Have you investigated your vitamin D levels? As modernity and technology facilities are emerging, we stop going to the streets, where we can sunbathe and increase our “consumption” of this vitamin.

Some studies suggest that thinner people have more of the vitamin in their bodies, so a tip is: exercise outdoors, even on the balcony of your apartment. Stretch, stretch, do your sets of sit-ups.

Break Up: Stop Weighing Yourself Every Day

That last tip goes against a state of healthy mental health. Do not worry too much if the results take a while to appear, after all you are looking for a better quality of life and not momentary gains.

So do everything you can to create healthier habits, including activities and eating as naturally as possible.

You can include natural fat burning thermodynamics in your diet, such as green tea to burn belly fat, but don’t expect them to work miracles.

Now that you have excellent tips for focusing on a better composition for your belly, you have to understand that it was years of repeated habits that made your body what it is today.

Understand and be kind to yourself in the process of changing these habits, that the result will be a ripped abs and a healthy mind in the process.

Consider exercises and healthy eating allies to reach the desired result and not the culprits for the delay. After all, only you can change your choices.

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